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Planning Your First Trip Abroad? Here’s What You’ll Need To Know.

There’s a unique jolt of excitement when you realize your dreams are coming true. For me, this zing of joy came when I booked my very first trip to Europe, the land that holds my dream cities!

The original plan was a laidback trip to Bali. But, when Europe called through my search on makemytrip.com, I could not pass it up. The tour I booked promised 15 glorious days on a continent that could take me to the past and swiftly launch me into the future.

Before we set off, I’d spent my time packing and re-packing to make sure I wasn’t at war with the moody weather there. I wanted nothing to rain on my parade, so I played it safe with extra pairs of warm clothes. However, none of my planning and rethinking could keep the butterflies away. It was time to discover Europe for myself. To see if everything I heard was true!

The Italian Collection

Four days in Italy were far too few but just enough to capture the beauty of the country and a bit more.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Although weary from the flight to Rome, our explorer spirits didn’t die down. After checking into our hotel, we headed out on foot to soak in the new-age Roma. Once hunger struck, we indulged in pizza and Gelato, the renowned Italian delights.

Day 2 in Rome started with a vivid blue sky I simply had to capture! Then we set off on a sightseeing bus tour to the Colosseum – the largest amphitheatre in the word. Next came, the monument of Victor Emmanuel II. Our next visit was to the infamous Trevi Fountain where we followed the ritual of tossing coins and wished for a trip back to Rome, as is customary.

View of the city from the monument of Victor Emmanuel II, Rome.

The monument of Victor Emmanuel II, Rome

The Trevi fountain, Rome.

However, what stood out most in Rome were their evenings. At the famous Piazza Navona square, which sits amidst colourful tall buildings, fountains, street artists and restaurants, the whole community comes together to enjoy each other’s company. To spend a pleasant evening in the city’s glory, this is the place you have to visit in Rome.

Piazza Navona, Romes’s showcase square.

Street Artists at Piazza Navona, Rome.


Out of Rome and into the Vatican

Day 2 also brought on the fastest bus trip to a new country. That’s right! We took the bus to the smallest country in the world – The Vatican City.  Its spectacular architecture and simplistic culture were certainly a delight. The iconic St. Peter’s Cathedral was a wondrous sceptical of intricate designs and vibrant paintings. With magnificence in every corner, it was difficult to focus on just one thing but really easy to lose myself in the art and design.

St. Peters Basilica, Vatican.

View from St. Peters Basilica, Vatican.


When in Florence do the iconic

We began our morning towards the next city, Florence. On arrival, we had a stop at The town hall of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio.

Florence greeted us with warm weather when we set off to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, famous for its greatest flaw. Watching visitors pose for the perfect shot of them pretending to support the tower, on one hand, was quite amusing. So, I couldn’t resist trying a couple of poses myself.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence.

At The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Cathedral of Florence.


Museo Ferrari, Maranello

The Ferrari museum, where history comes alive and you can witness how Ferrari became legendary over ages. The museum has displayed all the models of Ferrari cars right from its origin with all the detailed information.

Museo Ferrari, Maranello, Italy.

A mandatory photograph with the car.

Falling head-over-heels for Venice 

In the city of dreams, the vibes of romance picked up. I fell in love with the gondola ride that took us through it. Right then, even the peculiar canal smell was forgotten. The quaint city compelled me to click pictures throughout our time there to savour it forever. Watching buildings rise out of the water was a unique feat. And, the fact that some were here thousands of years ago, blew my mind!

In case you plan on seeing Europe, don’t leave out Italy and the 100+ islands in Venice interconnected by more than 400 bridges. The lack of traffic and all its ills exudes peace in Venice. But, don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes because no cars, means a lot of walking. The scenic serenity makes it all worth it though. Oh, how I wish I could settle there someday! But, the memories will have to do for now.

The Gondola rides, Venice.

Shot from the bride, Venice.

On a Gondola ride with my beautiful friend, in Venice.

The bridges connecting the islands, Venice.

On the motorboat ride, going to the main city, Venice.

Venice was personally my favourite city in Italy. I still cannot get over the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Everything was really surprising yet very exciting over here. If you are planning to visit Italy, don’t miss out on this city.

Stay tuned for more details on the rest my European tour. Italy was only the beginning!

All pictures were captured on Samsung S8 plus.

Until next <3


Zehava- The Golden Girl



  1. Flexcia Dsouza January 18, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    The Eurotrip is on my bucket list as well. Proper DDLJ style.. I loved this blog post. Very dreamy and enticing. Loved how you kept it brief and only stressed on the important elements. However, a little more details on the culinary journey and budgeting would help as well.

    1. Jyoti Pandey January 20, 2018 at 7:55 am

      Hi Flexcia thank you so much! I have a post on just that coming up shorty in which I will be mentioning about the budget and other details.
      Do stay tuned. Thanks for the comment ❤️


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